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Tiger University 

Sheldon Elementary school is committed to not only meeting the academic needs of all students, but to focus on encouraging the child as a whole. We are excited to announce that after school program will continue at Sheldon Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school year under the Partnership Grant. Due to our limited grant funding, the program will continue as a "fee-based" academic enrichment program. Sheldon ISD will begin offering the After School Program on September 3, 2019 servicing families district-wide. The after school program will take on a focus of providing innovative and interactive lessons and activities to support the students in all areas of life. The program provides students with academic opportunities designed to complement the districts' academic programs. The goal of the program is to extend learning time for each student using a discovery learning approach through hands-on exploration. The after school program is the catalyst to assist in closing the achievement gap with a long-range goal of increasing academic performance.