- About Us



What we stand for:

Respect (girls learn what respect is- given and received)

Outgoing (girls learn how to be friendly & comfortable meeting new people)

Sociable (girls learn ways in which to speak in social settings, groups)

Etiquette (girls learn proper norms of behavior in our society)

Beauty (girls learn to see beauty in themselves- inside and out)

Unique (girls learn that their personality is molded from birth & is their own)

Determination (girls learn that giving up is never an option)

Sisterhood (girls learn how to create a strong connection/ bond with other girls)


Rosebud Creed:

I am a Rosebud

Respectful, outgoing, and sociable, that’s me

I am a Rosebud

With etiquette, beauty, and uniqueness, you see

I am a Rosebud

Determination and sisterhood, is what we strive for

I am a Rosebud

Today, tomorrow, and forever more!


Mrs. Martinez                                        PEIMS Clerk   ​
Mrs. Rodriguez                                           Life Skills​
Mrs. Villarreal                                            Counselor​
Mrs. Reed                                           Interventionist
Ms. Cantu                                                  3rd Grade​
Ms. Williams                                              4th Grade​
Ms. Eaton                                                  5th Grade