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Sheldon Elementary School Spotlight

We are so proud that Sheldon Elementary is a STEM Certified campus. 
Congratulations to the following staff members that completed the STEM certification.  
Mrs. Voss
Mrs. Garrett-Smith
Mrs. Cuevas
Mrs. Garza
Mrs. L. Williams
Mrs. Jorgensen
Dr. Winans

Recent News & Upcoming Events


Sheldon ISD cancels school for Friday, Sept. 20

Sheldon ISD administrators have made the decision to cancel school on Friday, Sept. 20, to allow both the school district and its community to assess the damages caused by Tropical Depression Imelda. Also, Friday’s annual C. E. King High School Homecoming Court celebration – along with the varsity football game – has been rescheduled for Saturday at the new Sheldon ISD Panther Stadium. The Homecoming Court, including the crowning of the KHS Homecoming King and Queen, will begin at 10:30 a.m. on the playing field; and kickoff of the football game will start at approximately 11 a.m. For the most up-to-date information, please continue to follow us on our district website, Facebook or Twitter pages. DUAL CREDIT STUDENTS Dual-credit students who have classes at San Jacinto College will need to check the San Jacinto College website for updates and/or to email their instructors as Sheldon ISD will not be providing transportation to San Jacinto College on Friday, Sept. 20. ----------------------------- Los administradores de Sheldon ISD tomaron la decisión de cancelar la escuela el viernes 20 de septiembre para permitir que tanto el distrito escolar como su comunidad evalúen los daños causados por la depresión tropical Imelda. La celebración anual del viernes C. E. King High School Homecoming Court, junto con el partido de fútbol, se ha reprogramado para el sábado en el nuevo Sheldon ISD Panther Stadium. El Homecoming Court, que incluye la coronación de KHS Homecoming King and Queen, comenzará a las 10:30 a.m.en; y el juego de fútbol comenzará aproximadamente a las 11 a.m. Los estudiantes de doble crédito que tienen clases en San Jacinto College deberán consultar el sitio web de San Jacinto College para obtener actualizaciones y / o enviar un correo electrónico a sus instructores ya que Sheldon ISD no proporcionará transporte a San Jacinto College el viernes 20 de septiembre. Para obtener la información más actualizada, síganos en nuestro sitio web del distrito, en las páginas de Facebook o Twitter.

Sheldon ISD cancels school for Thursday, Sept. 19

STUDENTS ATTENDING SAN JAC San Jac is open. Students should’ve received communication that they are to email instructors if they cannot make it to class. Since Sheldon ISD is closed, buses will not be provided today. Posted on 9/19/19 | 4:08 a.m. Following a phone conference with the Harris County Flood Control District early this morning, Sheldon ISD administrators have joined other area school districts in closing school today, Thursday Sept. 19, out of an abundance of caution for our teachers, parents, and students due to continued heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Depression Imelda. Also, weather experts are predicting heavy rainfall to continue in the northeast Harris County area through the course of the day. Today’s cancellation also includes all after-school activities. Please stay safe and continue to monitor our district website, social media pages and local news channels for the most up-to-date information regarding any future decisions. Thank you, and please stay safe. Los administradores de Sheldon ISD, junto con la Oficina de Manejo de Emergencias, decidieron errar por precaución y cancelar la escuela el jueves 19 de septiembre, debido a los efectos continuos de la depresión tropical Imelda dentro de la comunidad de Sheldon causada por la tormenta tropical Imelda. El cierre de mañana también incluye la cancelación de cualquier programa y actividades extracurriculares programadas. Para obtener la información más actualizada, visite el sitio web de nuestro distrito en o nuestras páginas de Facebook y Twitter. Gracias y por favor mantente a salvo.